Consignment & Purchasing

Consignment & Purchasing
Randolph's buys gold, diamonds, and estate jewelry...

You can turn your unwanted jewelry into cash or into new jewelry at Randolph Jewelers. At a minimum, we will pay for used jewelry based on the value of the gold or platinum. We always look for added value in the form of diamonds and gemstones we can reuse and in jewelry that we can resell. A gemologist will examine your jewelry and tell you what you have. Given our skills and integrity, you can be sure you are getting the maximum return on whatever you bring in. We are actively expanding our estate jewelry department and welcome you to call or come in today. No appointment is necessary.
We also do consignments if you have a high value piece that has a limited audience and you can wait for a purchaser to appear. Consignment can bring a higher return to the seller.
Don’t forget we pay up to 20% more for your jewelry if it is used for trade in or store credit.

Given current gold prices, now is an excellent time to turn your unwanted jewelry into a new piece. We can use your special stones or ours to create something new and beautiful that you will really enjoy. In many cases, you can pay for it with the old gold, and wind up with money in your pocket! 



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