Jewelry Galleries

Jewelry Galleries
Randolph Jewelers has been creating some of our customers’ most treasured possessions for 160 years. Some of owner Charlie Stephens’ favorite moments in business are when the children of people who bought their engagement rings from him years ago come in for rings of their own. Now that his son Alex is working in the store, we are seeing even more of the younger generation. 

Randolph’s is a great place to find your special ring:
  1. We have the latest in designer jewelry from the likes of Simon G, Scott Kay, Vanna K, and Unique of New York.
  1. Our estate department has everything from platinum filigree rings made over 100 years ago to current designs at prices far below the price of new.
  1. Our favorite is custom made, one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding sets done either with the latest CAD technology or carved by hand as in the old days.
Browse our bridal jewelry gallery and then come in to see our jewelry in person and speak with one of our non-commissioned staff.


"Estate Jewelry" refers to previously owned jewelry. It may be vintage, antique or even a current design. Uniqueness and value are what make estate jewelry special. For example, we have 100 year old platinum filigree rings made with craftsmanship not available today, as well as current bridal styles priced at half of current replacement cost.  The Randolph's Estate Jewelry Department is a perennial favorite with items coming and going daily. There is always something new to see. Check out a sampling in our estate jewelry gallery.


We create one of a kind pieces in gold and platinum to your specifications.  We will walk you through the entire process from concept to finished product.  Come in today to meet with one of our designers to create a unique new piece, using our gemstones or yours.  We can also redesign a piece you already own.  Browse our gallery of custom jewelry to see a sampling of our work.